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Harvest herbs for that perfect cup of tea

If you feel inclined, take a moment before harvesting the appreciate your plants. They have worked hard to offer so much goodness to the world and gratitude is good therapy. Cut herbs for tea with clean, sharp pruners first thing in the morning, before the day heats up. This will maintain the most freshness in the leaves as well as cause less stress to the plant. If you are using...

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Winterizing your garden

Mulching – If you have any tender perennials that will need extra protection during the winter, you can use mulch as a winter garden cover. Leaves, pine needles, and other organic materials are the best mulch for winter protection. To cover plants with leaves for winter, you can simply rake them into the garden bed if you have enough to cover everything. Otherwise, you can just use them to cover...

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Some of the best blooming houseplants

1. Lipstick plant – The lipstick plant is one of my favorite flowering indoor houseplants. They look great set atop a pedestal or small side table, or planted in a hanging baskets where these vining houseplants can cascade over the top. They might just be the most beautiful indoor plants ever! 2. Flowering Maple – Flowering maples aren’t considered common indoor plants, and I’m not sure why. They are in...

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